Programmable Electric Dinosaur
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Programmable Electric Dinosaur



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Did you ever see a remote-control dinosaur toy which can roar, slide, walk, spin, dance, sing, tell story, read poetry/tongue twister, spray mist, shoot toy bullets, and program instructions by you?

Product Features
Physical functions:
1.Slide/walk forward and backward (speed is adjustable).
2.Automatic presentation: it will show sliding and walking motion after is roared.
3.Programing: edit the sequence of actions or presentation content according to your wishes.
4.Touch interaction: it will show some feedback when you touch its head.
5.Fighting: demonstrates a battle action with sound effects.
6.Dancing: dance with popular music (3 songs).
7.Spray fire/ice: mist come out from the mouth, and the light turn red or blue.
8.Shooting: lunch 3 missiles in a time.
9.Volume increase or decrease.
10.Stop key: to terminate any instructions.

Package Content:
Wing*1 pair
Soft missile*6
Instruction book*1
4.8V rechargeable battery*1
USB Battery charger*1
Little water bottle*2

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